We all desire a dream job or business, to have freedom, to perform to the best of our abilities and work with passion while being fulfilled whether as an entrepreneur or at work. A couple of months ago a co-worker asked me to give her ideas for some of the jobs she should look for […]

10 Ways to Build Your Brand

When someone tells you: “You shouldn’t care what others think about you; do whatever you want”…….I say: “Not so fast.” Why? Because I believe you do need to think of your reputation before acting on whatever you feel like in the moment; reputation precedes you and therefore you should care what others think or say […]

How to be More Productive While Working From Home

We are living unprecedented times during the Coronavirus global pandemic and a new chapter in world’s history; our world will probably never be the same as we know it and many changes will take place, some for the better and some probably for the worse. However, I also believe there are many great things that […]