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My name is Mirela Borsan and I am originally from Romania. I am an entrepreneur, career coach and certified business consultant with over 20 years of experience, spending the last 12 years of my law enforcement career in a leadership role. My experience encompasses career coaching and training both online and offline, operations management, personnel development, leadership, resource optimization and internal/external conflict management. 

As a Career & Life Coach, I partner with clients seeking to transform their career, life, or business by helping them become crystal clear on their destination, set an intention for their journey, develop an actionable roadmap to go from where they are to where they want to go, help them successfully transition to another career or nail the job interview, while becoming more confident, less stressed, and enhancing their work-life balance so they can spend more time with their loved ones and doing the things they love.

I love to contribute to others’ success whether personally and professionally; while on a personal level I helped others set goals and gain more clarity and self-confidence, on a professional level I have been part of many promotional interview processes, have created job promotional processes, have coached many people to their dream career, and have helped others with their job interviews to get that next promotion. 

A coach is not a mentor, counselor or a consultant; a coach is a partner in the client’s journey to his/her destination, who asks insightful questions, shares his/her experiences and when appropriate, speaks candidly, and most importantly, holds the client accountable. Without accountability, commitment and motivation, transformation and change cannot happen. On the contrary, when there is passion, a desire to change and be better, commitment and motivation, as well as a consistent ‘practice’ of the learned behavior, change happens naturally and subconsciously.


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