We are living unprecedented times during the Coronavirus global pandemic and a new chapter in world’s history; our world will probably never be the same as we know it and many changes will take place, some for the better and some probably for the worse.

However, I also believe there are many great things that can surface out of this situation to include: families and friends getting closer or re-connecting; new businesses being born; existing businesses creating new ways of sharing their products and services with their customers; restaurants offering pick-up orders even though they never did that prior, and stores are finding ways to offer curb-side pick-up even though they never planned on doing that prior.

One of the best things that is happening though, is that employers are realizing they can trust their employees to work from home and many employees who thought they have to commute, they are now finding that working from home can be productive, more fulfilling, and efficient. It is all about perspective and seeing the good and if we focus on the positive, good things do happen.

Although telecommuting is not a new trend, many companies have remained reluctant to allow their employees to work from home out of fear their employees will not be productive or they could not be trusted. However, a 2014 Stanford study published in the Quarterly Journal of Economics, Does Working From Home Work? shows that productivity increased by 13% when employees worked remotely. I guess this is the perfect opportunity to show your bosses you can be productive while working from home and here are my 3 tips how you can do so:

Define a Clear Work-space & Get Out of Pajamas

Since your family and if you have children they also may have to stay home, it would be essential for you to find a separate work-space you can define as your ‘temporary’ office. Family does not show up unannounced at your work place so why would you allow them to be interrupting you while working from home? Clear separation and a clear schedule will allow them and you to have some boundaries and respect your space. While it is more relaxing to remain in pajamas all day, wearing casual but still a comfortable attire, will help you pretend you are at the office and thus focus more rather than giving you a feeling of weekend or vacation time.

Organize & Plan Your Day

Prioritizing tasks and organizing your day are equally essential to being productive and efficient. Take a few minutes the night prior or the morning of your work day and plan your day so you can stay on task and feel you are moving forward rather than feeling unproductive. Also, choose to wake up at the same time you did when you went to work not only to keep consistency with your body’s clock, but also to keep the momentum going and act as if you were leaving the house. Schedule your lunch break and take this time to spend with your family; everyone may appreciate it more since there is a specific time dedicated just for them. Working from home sometimes can be tough for those who never had this experience so it is essential to organize and plan your day accordingly, in addition to keeping a consistent schedule.

Remove All Distractions

Let’s face it! While working from home is awesome, it can also be equally distracting; those dang rabbit holes are popping everywhere!

To stay focused and remain present on your tasks, turn off your phone or use the Do Not Disturb feature; this way you will not be able to surf Facebook, chat with your friends, watch funny videos (even though it may be tempting and getting you out of the routine), or getting annoyed by those spam phone calls. While this may sound counter intuitive, if you must have some sort of distraction, choose something that instead can help you stay focused like music that it give you a sense of calm or even listen to your favorite sound that you can find on application that features nature sounds.

Working from home can be an added bonus to an already great job so by ensuring you are remaining productive during this trying time, it may help you secure some telecommuting hours when things return to normal.

Please share how you are remaining productive while working from home and if you finding it enjoyable especially if you never worked from home prior. How about any challenges during this time?

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